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Top Ten Deities in Fantasy Literature

*Disclaimer: this list is in no particular order. Eru Ilúvatar – Eru is the supreme deity in the Middle Earth mythos. Featured most prominently in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, Eru is the deity of Creation, the father of the Children (Elves and Men), and king over all lesser “deities” (Ainur). Most interesting fact: Eru is an analogue for the Judeo-Christian God

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19 Free Fantasy Reads

Just in time for the Christmas break we’ve brought you another list of selected fantasy reads, courtesy of Inkitt. This bumper list of 19 titles was compiled by Eleanna as a selection of the fantasy books available. So dig in to the below titles and let us know your thoughts! 1. Token Huntress, a Fantasy/Romance novel by Kia Carrington-Russell The sun’s

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