Gower Signed by Angry Robot

Angry Robot have announced the signing of a new author to their stable, Jasmine Gower. Her debut novel, Moonshine, is scheduled for release by the publisher in February 2018 and follows the story of Daisy Dell. Daisy has inherited the gift of magical power in the form of heirlooms from her grandmother, in a world... Continue Reading →

Now We Are Six Hundred

I went into a box and it wasn’t a box. I asked the box to go wandering. We could go to planets We could visit stars Or Tuesday. That box could go anywhere at all. And so we did.  A fairly unusual announcement for you today. The BBC have announced the release of a book... Continue Reading →

Gaiman announces Neverwhere sequel

This is shaping up to be a great week for Fantasy fans! Following shortly on the heels of Pullman's announcement of The Book of Dust, one of our all time favourite authors here at Zealot Script has announced another exciting sequel. This time after a 20 year gap! Neil Gaiman made the announcement of a... Continue Reading →

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