Aurealis Awards Call for Judges


by Pete Richmond

aurealisThis is one for our Australian readers. The Aurealis Awards, the premier Science Fiction and Fantasy awards in Australia, have put out an open call for new judges for 2017!

Aurealis judges are all volunteers and (from their webiste) the only qualification you need to be a judge is “a demonstrated knowledge of and interest in their chosen category”.

The Judges are a diverse bunch and include academics, booksellers, authors and just plain old enthusiasts!

They are also offering the judges a free or discounted ticket to the annual awards ceremony in 2018, although they are clear that this is not a guarantee as yet.

The categories you can offer to be a judge for are:

  • Science Fiction Novel
  • Science Fiction Short Story / Novella (two categories judged by one panel)
  • Fantasy Novel
  • Fantasy Short Story / Novella (two categories judged by one panel)
  • Horror Novel / Novella / Horror Short Story (three categories judged by one or two panel, depending on availability of judges)
  • Young Adult Novel / Young Adult Short Story (two categories judged by one panel)
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Collection / Anthology (two categories judged by one panel)
  • Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel

The application deadline is on the 7th of May, so if you’re interested in becoming a large part of the SF&F community in Australia then check the link below and get your application in!

Sorry, to all of the rest of us around the world, you must be an Australian resident to take part!

Read more on the Aurealis Awards website.

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