Award for Disability Advocacy in SFF Launched

Twelfth Planet Press


by Pete Richmond

I’m very excited to bring you an awards announcement of a very different kind this time around.

A new award, the D Franklin Defying Doomsday Award is being launched.

Hosted by the folks over at Twelfth Planet Press, the award celebrates something very different than the normal “excellence” in the field.

Off the back of the wonderful anthology, Defying Doomsday, which supported positive story telling around people with disabilities, the award is to be a special award for disability advocacy in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.

Anthology - Defying Doomsday

Both works of Fiction and Non-Fiction are eligible for the award, as long as they meet the ethos of the award.


Nominations are now open until the 31st of July, before the reviewing by the jury begins, so head on over to the website and get your nominations in!

Did I mention that the award comes with a cash prize? That’s right, it does!

This is exactly the kind of news that we love to see, summing up the warmth and progressive attitudes of the SFF community that we are proud to be a part of.

We take our (metaphorical) hats off to the team at Twelfth Planet Press that have put this in motion as well as all the people that have supported them to see this come to fruition. We really hope that this award, and others like it, can take off and make a difference.

You can find out all the details on their website, here.

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