SplatterPunk Awards Launched


by Pete Richmond

In celebration of an emerging new genre we can announce a new award ceremony, the SplatterPunk awards!

Certainly not to everyone’s tastes, the genre of SplatterPunk is characterised by extreme violence written in gory, graphic detail. Whereas many horror authors will attest to the power of letting the reader’s imagination run wild, pointing them in the right direction without letting a vivid description do the work for them, this is not the case for those proponents of SplatterPunk. Instead the authors revel in bringing every gory detail and bloody mess to the page.

The genre has its roots back in the 1980s, with Michael Shea’s short fiction The Autopsy widely considered to be one of the original proponents of Splatterpunk. In researching the genre we found a NY Times article introducing SplatterPunk, way back in 1991! (Check out the article here for a full introduction.)

The annual SplatterPunk Awards will honor superior achievement in the sub-genre of SplatterPunk (more commonly referred to as Extreme Horror Fiction) and will host awards given in the following categories:

  • Best Novel for works in excess of 50,000 words
  • Best Novella for works between 15,000 and 50,000 words
  • Best Short Story for works between 500 and 14,000 words
  • Best Collection for single author works containing multiple stories
  • Best Anthology for collections of multiple author’s work


The inaugural award ceremony will be held at Killercon in 2018.

The following judges have been confirmed David J. Schow, Gerard Houarner, Monica J. O’Rourke, Mike Lombardo, and Tod Clark.

There will also be presentation of an annual lifetime achievement award for outstanding work within the genre, the only award for which the jurors themselves will be eligible!

The full announcement and details of the award can be read on the KillerCon website.

While the genre is not counted among my personal favourites, I will be interested to see what the awards come up with. But I think I’ll be leaving the reviewing of the works to Zealot’s own horror aficionado, right Bryce?

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