Tchaikovsky is King of British Fantasy

Tchaikovsky, Adrian - The Tiger and the WolfAdrian Tchaikovsky continues his recent run of success with the Robert Holdstock Award for Best Fantasy Novel from the British Fantasy Society for The Tiger and the Wolf.

Tchaikovsky rose to prominence with his Shadows of the Apt series of fantasy novels, wherein he released an astonishing ten novels in the series between 2008 and 2014. However, his departure from the series is where he has begun to see real critical acclaim.

Last year his standalone Science Fiction novel, Children of Time, won him the coveted Arthur C Clarke award, and he has now followed it up with a British Fantasy Award for the initial book in his new Echoes of the Fall series.

The next book in the Echoes of the Fall, The Bear and the Serpent, is due for release on November 1st, so this couldn’t have come at a better time for Tchaikovsky!

He is undoubtedly a leading light in the British SFF scene at present and we can’t wait to see what he produces next, and where the series goes from here.

Other notable winners on the night were success for Disappearance at Devil’s Rock for Paul Tremblay with the August Derleth Award for best horror novel and another award for Victor LaValle and The Ballad of Black Tom in the Novella Category. LaValle has received an incredible reception for his latest work which has been a finalist at every awards ceremony you can think of, including the Nebula and Hugo Awards.

LaValle, Victor - The Ballad of Black Tom

A full list of the 2017 winners can be seen below:

Robert Holdstock Award

August Derleth Award

Best Novella

Best Short Fiction

  • “White Rabbit” – Georgina Bruce Black Static (1-2/16)

Best Collection

Best Anthology

Best Independent Press

Best Non-Fiction

Best Magazine / Periodical

Best Artist

  • Daniele Serra

Best Comic / Graphic Novel

Best Film/Television Production

Sydney J. Bounds Award – Best Newcomer

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