The Hero’s Quest I – Beginnings

One day, maybe a Tuesday, The Hero woke up. He did not yet know he was The Hero, but we did, because a picture of him is on the front cover. He’s young, handsome and strong or clever. Probably both.

The Hero goes about on his normal day, working in the fields, or the blacksmith, or other form of good honest labour that would still let his family be poor while working very hard. We’ll say it was fields he was working in.

So the Hero was working hard, definitely hard, in the fields that was owned by his father. No, wait, not his father. Not tragic enough. His Grandfather. What with his parents already both being dead. Or missing. We’ll go with dead.

The Hero is working hard when for some definitely logical reason he is sent away, I expect that he needed to take some crops to the market, without his Grandfather. The Grandfather definitely could not go with him, this is important. It’s probably because he’s so old. Yes, that’s it, the Hero’s loving but aged Grandfather sends him off to market with some crops.

The Hero gets to the market and sells the crops easily, because the bits about agriculture and economy are too boring for our tale. But guess what? There’s some kind of festival going on in the town so The Hero takes part and stays the night!

Of course, during the evening The Hero bumps into his Love Interest. She probably grew up in the farm next to his. The Hero has known her since the Love Interest was a little girl, but suddenly, despite not noticing before, he realises now that she’s beautiful. This is normally the result of her getting attention from someone else. The someone else is someone that The Hero doesn’t like anyway. They’re definitely not evil! No! It’s too early in the story for that! The someone else, is mean and so The Hero doesn’t like them.

In order to prove that he has what it takes to be the saviour of the world, The Hero takes part in a competition. In what? I don’t know. Strength? Archery? Sword fighting? We’ll go with sword fighting so that he can be a traditional hero. Anyway, The Hero wins the sword fighting competition because he used to practice in the fields. Yes, he learned how to fight while being a farmer. Maybe his Grandfather taught him? Maybe he sparred with the sheep? It doesn’t matter. He’s good at this, alright? He can’t be The Hero if he’s not good at this.

Anyway, he has a lovely time and his Love Interest is smitten by his ability to wield a sheep-slaying sword. All is good in his little world.

So he returns to his farm the next day. But what’s this? Oh no! The farm is on fire! How did it happen? Where is his Grandfather?

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