The Hero’s Quest VII – Tavern Times

The Hero is unaccustomed to such large places, being a young Farmboy, and so immediately seeks refuge in Fantasy tropes. As such, he enters the first tavern that he sees, the appropriately named "Hero's Rest". On greeting the bartender, he requests, "One pint of your finest ale, barkeep!" This phrase is universally used by those entering... Continue Reading →

The Hero’s Quest VI – The Road

Love Interest looks longingly at the back of The Hero as he trudges down the road. The dramatic single teardrop makes a reappearance on her cheek before tumbling into the dirt. A rarity, as normally the teardrop appears only on the face of The Hero. The road is dirt, not paved, to allow The Hero... Continue Reading →

The Hero’s Quest IV – A Challenge

The Hero's tragic backstory has now been established. His Grandfather has died. His parents are dead. Yes, definitely dead. His father definitely won't appear later in the story, definitely not. Why would you even think that? The Hero is now driven by revenge. He needs to find out who killed his Grandfather, and why.  But... Continue Reading →

The Hero’s Quest III – Leaving

What could that be in his Grandfather's hand? Isn't it obvious? It's the great, grand and glorious Plot Device! It could be a sword, that's always good. His Father's sword? No, he would have noticed that before now. He'll have to pick that up later. Maybe it's a letter? Oh, yes. A slightly singed letter,... Continue Reading →

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