The Hero’s Quest III – Leaving

What could that be in his Grandfather’s hand?

Isn’t it obvious? It’s the great, grand and glorious Plot Device!

It could be a sword, that’s always good. His Father’s sword? No, he would have noticed that before now. He’ll have to pick that up later. Maybe it’s a letter? Oh, yes. A slightly singed letter, that’s exactly what it was.

Lying his Grandfather, now dead, on the ground The Hero slowly parts his Grandfather’s fingers and extricates a singed letter.

Despite his rural upbringing in what is clearly a medieval equivalent society, The Hero has no problem reading the letter. Because his Grandfather taught him how to read, as well as swordplay. How did they ever get time for any farming?

The Hero reads the letter and it says;

Dear Grandfather, obviously it doesn’t actually say Grandfather but we never took the time to establish a name for him. Now that he’s dead, it really feels like we’ve missed the chance.

Dear Grandfather,

Thank you for caring for The Hero.

It is important that he does not learn about his Mysterious Past until he is ready.

You will know when it is time to tell him, because you’ll have died in a fire so it will be necessary that he learns then so that the plot can advance.

When you have died, tell him to go to The Capital City and ask for Strange Mentor.

Strange Mentor will be able to tell him everything.

Actually, it would be more straightforward to give him this letter, as you’ll be dead and not able to tell him. As that is the case, it must be The Hero reading this letter so I will tell him myself.

The Hero, go to The Capital City and ask for Strange Mentor. He will tell you everything.

All the best,

“Well, well, well. What do we have here then?”

Clutching the letter, and with many questions in his head, mostly about who people are, The Bad Guy, The Strange Mentor and not least The Mysterious Letter Writer who is definitely not his Father, The Hero stands up and looks at the rubble of his farm.

It has definitely started raining now, and the fire has gone out. This creates a particularly poignant scene with the shell of the farm house smoking away, outlined against a stormy sky. The Hero standing there with his dead Grandfather at his feet and a letter in his hand as the only clue to his destiny. Good right? Maybe that can be on the cover.

The Hero straps his sword to his side. Not his Father’s sword, we know that he hasn’t found that yet. He steel his jaw, which I assume just means clenching it but more, you know, heroically. And sets off to the town.

He can’t embark on any quest without an emotional good bye with his Love Interest.

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