The Hero’s Quest IV – A Challenge

The Hero’s tragic backstory has now been established.

His Grandfather has died.

His parents are dead. Yes, definitely dead. His father definitely won’t appear later in the story, definitely not. Why would you even think that?

The Hero is now driven by revenge. He needs to find out who killed his Grandfather, and why.  But if The Hero is only driven by revenge, then he becomes The Bad Guy. This means that The Hero must have someone to care about, someone that keeps his sense of humanity. Enter, The Love Interest.

We rejoin The Hero on his way back to town. He is covered in blood, his Grandfather’s, ash, the Farm’s, and sweat, his own.

His trusty, but basic, sword is strapped to his side and the precious Plot Device, I mean, letter is thrust into a pocket. Did they have pockets in medieval fantasy times?

The town is more somber than his last appearance, no trace of the festivities of the night before, which is appropriate as they would create a clash with the more serious tone of the story now.

The Hero wants to find his Love Interest, to tell her about the Plot that has happened to him. But now the The Hero is a full blown protagonist on a quest, he must face difficulties, with even the most basic of tasks. So when he is searching for the Love Interest he must first overcome some adversity! It’s going to be quite easy for him at this point, because we’re still early in the story. It’ll be harder later, that’s how stories work.

Instead of the Love Interest, The Hero comes across that person who is mean and so The Hero doesn’t like them. They’re doing something nefarious, possibly dastardly, but not evil and try to stop The Hero from getting to the Love Interest. Remember, this person views the Love Interest as his own, and not The Hero’s. Stupid really, considering that The Hero is the main character and so will eventually get the girl, but there’s just no helping some people.

This person who is mean challenges The Hero!

“Hey The Hero, you have a stupid face and I want to punch it.”

But The Hero is one of the good guys, so must initially refuse the fight.

“This situation is most unfortunate,” The Hero says, in Hero-talk, “but I must beg that you do not impede me on my quest. The most unspeakable tragedy has befallen me and I must reach my Love Interest to inform her. I am in no mood for a quarrel!”

The person who is mean looks confused, mostly at the peculiar manner in which The Hero is speaking.


The person who is mean is not a Hero, so can’t speak the language. Instead, he attacks The Hero. Again, there’s no helping some people. Attacking the protagonist at this early stage in the quest is not going to end well.

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