The Hero’s Quest V – The Fight

The Hero is being attacked!

It is most unwelcome, for he is a good man who wishes no harm on others. This is why he is The Hero, not some kind of anti-hero that is so popular these days.

The person who is mean and so The Hero doesn’t like them rushes at The Hero, swinging his fists wildly. The person is mean, but not trained. This will prove no challenge for our mysteriously sheep-trained Hero. No, Grandfather-trained. It was Grandfather, not the sheep. We established that earlier.

The Hero ducks the first punch as it whistles over his head, although fists don’t really make any sound as they fly through the air. He proceeds to dodge several more swings with the elegance of a farmboy chosen by destiny, and the author.

The person who is mean becomes enraged and the ease with which his attacks are being evaded.

In his anger he protests.

“But you’re just a farmboy!”

The Hero responds by laughing, not in a mean evil way at the misfortune of others. Rather, he laughs in a good-natured way at the misfortune of the man in front of him.

The Hero then, finally retaliates, having left it long enough that any bystanders, or readers, will understand that he really doesn’t want to do this. He dodges another punch, this one is conveniently too strong and spins the person who is mean off balance. With the swiftness of a boy that has spent his childhood tending crops, The Hero draws his sword and hits the person who is mean across the back of the head. He doesn’t use the sharp bit, not against this enemy. Instead he uses the blunt bit that you’re supposed to hold, the hilt, and knocks the man to the floor.

“Oh no!” cries the person who is mean and so The Hero doesn’t like them, with a mouthful of mud.

The Hero turns away, feeling elated at vanquishing his very first foe, and proceeds in the hunt for his Love Interest.

Now that the adversity has been overcome, he finds his Love Interest with ease. In fact, with the excellent dramatic timing that has been demonstrated by The Hero, his Grandfather and the weather, she walks around the corner just in time to see the end of the fight.

He can’t impress her with his martial prowess if she isn’t even there to see it.

“The Hero!” she yells, “How manly you are, dispatching such a a wretched foe with such elegance!”

“My dear sweet Love Interest,” he replies, “the fates have conspired against me this day! My beloved Grandfather perished in my arms, to which I shed a single tear, and left me only with a Plot Device to go on!”

An excellent summary of events from The Hero.

“That is truly devastating,” replies Love Interest, “whatever will you do next?”

The Hero pauses now, as if contemplating his choices. Will he follow the mysterious letter and pursue the killers of his Grandfather? Will he find the Mysterious Letter Writer who is definitely not his Father? Or will he settle down in the village with Love Interest?

We, of course, know the answer. It wouldn’t be a very good Hero’s Journey if he settled down and led a happy life right now. Love Interest, on the other hand, doesn’t realise that she’s in a work of fiction and so is waiting expectantly for his answer.

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