Clouds Come Over as Sunburst Goes On Hiatus

The Sunburst Award Society has announced that The Sunburst Awards For Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic will be going on Hiatus.

The incredible global impact of the Covid-19 virus has taken another victim, although it seems that this one will not be a permanent closure. The Sunburst Award Society announced the hiatus on their website, full quote below, and will be a disappointment to SFF fans across the globe, not just in the award’s Canada homeland.

This is unlikely to be the last closure or hiatus that we see this year.

Like many other organizations, the Sunburst Award has been affected by the Covid-19 shutdown. As a consequence, the Sunburst Award Society is announcing a hiatus in its awards program for the coming year. The Sunburst Awards Society members plan to use this time to re-imagine the most effective means available to them for continuing to highlight the stellar work done by Canadians in the field of speculative literature.

Since its inception, the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic has raised the public’s awareness of works of speculative literature, and rightfully honoured deserving works, through its prestigious awards program. Over two hundred and twenty-five works have been acknowledged for their contribution to the arts in Canada, and thirty-eight truly outstanding authors have also benefited from monetary recognition.

Members of the Sunburst Board extend their thanks to their members, their jurors, the publishing community, authors and readers for their support over the last twenty years.

Please watch for updates in 2021.

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