Copper Cylinder to Company Town

Yet another Canadian Award announcement in what is quickly becoming Canadian Season here at Zealot Script!

This time, in affiliation with the Sunburst Awards Society, comes the Copper Cylinder award.

This is a popular choice award, voted for by members of the Sunburst Society.

The award is named for the novel which is sometimes called the first Canadian Science Fiction novel, A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, by James De Mille .

The actual awards themselves fit the name of the awards, no meaningless trophy here,   rather the winners receive a unique, handcrafted, copper cylinder trophy. As pictured here:

copper cylinder


Certainly different!

There are just two awards that are given out as part of The Copper Cylinder awards, the Adult and Young Adult categories.

This years winners are:


Company Town by Madeline Ashby

Young Adult

The Skids by Ian Donald Keeling

Congratulations to both the winners!

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