Little Eve wins 2018 Shirley Jackson Award

Catriona Ward’s Little Eve has taken the top award for best novel in the 2018 Shirley Jackson awards.

The awards are for outstanding achievement in horror, psychological suspense, and dark fantasy fiction.

Prizes are awarded for Best Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Fiction, Single Author Collection, and Edited Anthology.

The full list of winners and nominees can be seen below:


Winner: Little Eve – Catriona Ward (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)

In the Night Wood – Dale Bailey (John Joseph Adams)
Social Creature – Tara Isabella Burton (Double Day)
We Sold Our Souls – Grady Hendrix (Quirk)
Everything Under – Daisy Johnson (Jonathan Cape)


Winner: The Taiga Syndrome – Cristina Rivera Garza (Dorothy)

Only Harmless Great Thing – Brooke Bolander ( Publishing)
The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky – John Hornor Jacobs (HarperCollins)
Judderman – D.A. Northwood (Dead Ink)
The Atrocities – Jeremy C. Shipp ( Publishing)


Winner: Help the Witch – Tom Cox (Unbound)

“Adriftica” – Maria Dahvana Headley (Robots vs Fairies)
“The Black Sea” – Chris Mason (Beneath the Waves: Tales from the Deep)
Ghostographs: An Album – Maria Romasco Moore (Rose Metal)
“Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes” – D.P. Watt (The Silent Garden)

Short Fiction

Winner: “The Astronaut” – Christina Wood Martinez (Granta Winter ’18)

“Hell” – David Hansen (Fairy Tale Review 3/18)
“Back Seat” – Bracken MacLeod (Lost Highways)
“The Woman Dies” – Aoko Matsuda (Granta Summer ’18)
“How to be a Horror Writer” – Tim Waggoner (Vastarien Summer ’18)

Single-Author Collection

Winner: All the Fabulous Beasts – Priya Sharma (Undertow)

Drawn Up from Deep Places – Gemma Files (Trepidatio)
The Human Alchemy – Michael Griffin (Word Horde)
Quartier Perdu – Sean O’Brien (Comma)
Garden of Eldritch Delights – Lucy A. Snyder (Raw Dog Screaming)

Edited Anthology

Winner: Robots vs Fairies – Dominik Parisien & Navah Wolfe, eds. (Saga)

Chiral Mad 4: An Anthology of Collaborations – Michael Bailey & Lucy A. Snyder, eds. (Written Backwards)
This Dreaming Isle – Dan Coxon, ed. (Unsung Stories)
Tiny Crimes: Very Short Tales of Mystery and Murder – Lincoln Michel & Nadxieli Nieto, eds. (Black Balloon)
The Silent Garden: A Journal of Esoteric Fabulism – The Silent Garden Collective, ed. (Undertow)

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