Nebula Award Winners 2016

Congratulations to all the 2016 Nebula Award Winners! The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America has released the list of Nebula Award winners for 2016. The Nebula is one of the most prestigious awards in the SFF world and it is an outstanding achievement to be one of the selected winners. Winners are shown below and... Continue Reading →


Nebula – Games Writing

There are rumours going around the web of a new award category for the Nebulas next year, that of a Nebula Award for Game Writing. I haven't, as yet, seen any confirmation of this from the SFWA themselves but if so this is a fantastic step forward for the SFF literature to embrace new formats.... Continue Reading →

2016 Nebula Awards Shortlists

The world famous Nebula Awards are perhaps the most prestigious of Science Fiction awards on the planet. The inaugural winner of the Best Novel award, back in 1966, was none other than Frank Herbert's Dune. Some of the notable winners since include some absolute masters of the genre. Isaac Asimov, Ursula Le Guin, Arthur C.... Continue Reading →

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